Located in the Residential Quarter 13C, Albert Einstein School focuses on invest and develop the modern facility for learning, teaching, physical education and nurture care. The maintenance plan is carried on every year to improve the operation of the facility.

Situated in an unpolluted and quiet environment, the campus is the host of Albert Einstein School (AES), Canada - Vietnam Kindergarten (CVK) and Maple Leaf Center (MLC).

The school has 199 classrooms ready for learning. Rooms equipped with seats, smartboard and other modern equipment for the need of 25 students each classroom.

We have a collection of more than 8.400 titles, both Vietnamese and foreign publishers, supporting for every subject and student assignment at school

As a part of MLC, the indoor gym can support every sport that we are teaching at AES.

The Cafeteria has enough capacity for all students and staff to have lunch and other refreshments. All menu is designed with the balance of all nutrients. Our daily menu is right here.

(Pottery Classroom)

From the school year of 2017, AES launched the new pottery art room ready for students to make pottery products right on the campus. Learn more what we are teaching in this classroom.

The STEAM classroom is equipped with advanced and imported technology, such as the 3D printer, laser cutter, and other STEAM study tools.

Các cơ sở vật chất nổi bật khác.

Swimming Pool