Pottery Program


Pottery class is a new program of the curriculum at AES, applied to students from the Kindergarten to Grade 11 since the school year 2017-2018. The equipment and material for this program are provided by Bat Trang Pottery village.


Building up a creative space where students can carry out their ideas by pottery art with the teachers’ guides and supports.

Helping children to train their mind geometrically - the foundation for the development of Visual Arts in the future, such as painting, sculpture, architecture, graphics and photography, filmmaking, design or crafts.

Supporting students learn about the basic process to create their own ceramic products, from the molding stage to baking the product stage.


Breaking the limits of mindset is a important goal at AES Pottery program. Pottery does not include only pots, cups, dishes or vases as usual, the students’ products prove that pottery is much more than that. The students have made the unique ceramic things like shoes, houses, animals.

“At Pottery classes, we should not limit the children’s creativity by any tool, help them to make all things around become the tools. For instance, the children just need a lump of scratch paper and put a slide of clay on it, they can create a tortoiseshell or a small bowl. Just let the children play and make the mess of their own with clay, they can explore and gain various things.” - Ian Wilson, the director of AES.


The Pottery program is included in the Arts with 50% time of this subject (45 minutes/week for Pottery class). The teachers can design the curriculum according to projects. Each project can last from one week to one semester depending on the requires.

In each students’ range of age, the curriculum will be designed in different ways with different levels of skill and knowledge increasingly:

Kindergarten: basic shaping skills

In this age, children’s arms are still weak, they can start to get familiar with the clay and make the basic shape like the square block, the round block, the leaf or the worm.

Primary - learning “pin pots”

Pin pots are the products made by pushing the finger into the clay to create the concave so that the students can keep working with the clay the make their products like the flower pot, teacup or hat.

Secondary - Learning advanced “pin pots”

Besides making pin pots, the curriculum for secondary students is added the higher skills such as combining multiple shapes, creating spiral or stacking blocks.

After school, Pottery class is a favorite choice for students at clubs time. While joining Pottery club, students can run some projects as their interest through the teachers’ guide. It is the space for students to satisfy their passion with the pottery.